The Mississippi Academy of Arms

(formerly named the Mississippi Fencing Academy)


Our 4000 square foot, fully equipped, state of the art, fencing complex, located on County Line Rd (Jackson/Ridgeland, MS). Eight dry fencing strips, three electric fencing strips with overhead reels, fully equipped armory for weapon repair, training area (heavy bags, speed bag, fencing targets, fencing dummy), weight lifting room, observation area, six changing rooms, restroom, office, laundry room.

A USFA Youth Tournament we hosted back when we taught the Modern Sport version of fencing. (you can tell it was sport fencing by the extremely poor and off balanced footwork and by the complete lack of classical form.) These days we only teach the Traditional Martial Art versions: Classical Fencing, Historical Swordsmanship, Cane Fighting and the Goju-Shorei Weapons System.

We are no longer leasing this building.
Our classes now meet in various facilities and locations in Jackson, Ridgeland, and Brandon.
Updated: January 17, 2005