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Traditional Fencing

Group classes and private instruction held in Jackson, Madison, Ridgeland, & Brandon.


Mississippi Academy of Arms

School of Western Martial Arts

Everyone knows about Eastern Martial Arts such as Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, and Jujitsu due to the heavy importation of these arts into the United States during the 1960s and 1970s. However, what most people don't realize is that here in the West we have just as rich, if not richer, a history of martial arts as they do in the East. The historical martial arts developed and used in Europe, commonly called Western Martial Arts, are just as ancient, varied, effective, and complete as those developed in the East.

Remember the European Knights of old? These warriors were masters of the Western Martial Arts. These men, from their childhoods onward, were throughly trained in the Western Martial Arts through daily practice. Their martial arts were tested, refined, and perfected through combat in the lists and on the battle field.

These men and the warriors that followed them mastered longswords, arming swords, spears, staves, polearms, clubs, maces, and flail weapons, bucklers, and shields, daggers and dirks. Other European Warriors mastered the great two handed swords, backswords, longbows, and cross bows. They were also masters of empty hand fighting with complete systems which included stand up fighting with punches and kicks, clinch fighting, grappling, joint locks, chokes, off-balances, trips, throws, take downs, wrestling and ground fighting. Later these arts were refined into dueling, classical fencing, cane fighting, boxing, wrestling, savate, single stick, cudgel fighting, and many other Western martial arts.

Western Martial Arts
taught at
The Mississippi Academy of Arms

Historical Swordsmanship (c. 1250 - 1840 A.D.)

Arming Sword
Two-Handed Sword
Shield, Buckler, Cloak (taught in intermediate sword classes)
Italian Rapier
Spanish Rapier
French Smallsword
Grappling (taught in the advanced sword classes)

Classical Fencing (c. 1840 - 1892)

French Fleuret (The Theorizing Practice Foil)
French Epee d'Combat (The Dueling Sword)
French Sabre (The Theorizing Practice Sabre)
Italian Firoretta (The Practice Sword)
Italian Epee (The Dueling Sword)

Italian Sciabola de Terreno (The Dueling Sabre)

These Western Martial Arts are offered though group classes, workshops, and private instruction





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