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Traditional Fencing

Group classes and private instruction held in Jackson, Madison, Ridgeland, & Brandon.


Mississippi Academy of Arms
Youth Fencing Class

Headmaster Rez Johnson and several of his Homeschool Class fencing students.

"The most important thing I want you to know is that in fencing and other martial arts, as in life, the real winner is not the person who defeats another human opponent, but rather the person who defeats his own inadequacies, who develops self-discipline and self-control over his own thoughts, tongue, attitude, and actions. Who aspires to continually improve himself to become a better fencer or martial artist, and more importantly a better person, by developing the traditional Christian virtues and character traits of honesty, integrity, courtesy, reliability, loyalty, patience, perseverance and genteel manners. Who chooses to live his life, in all he does, both public and private, honorably in accordance with this code of conduct. This is the true meaning of The Code of Honor. Without this Code of Honor fencing and other martial arts are reduced to a mere sport with no inherent life-changing values to contribute. That's why I consider this Code of Honor to be paramount in my salle and why I have committed my life to producing in my students this type of winner at the Mississippi Academy of Arms.

If you too highly regard and aspire to these ideals or want to see them developed in your children then we extend to you this welcome to join the Mississippi Academy of Arms and walk with us down the 'ancient paths and along the good ways' "

Rez Johnson, M d'A

"Teaching in the manner that the Master taught."
Since 1980

As so eloquently stated in the above quote from our Maestro, Mr. Rez Johnson, the Mississippi Academy of Arms seeks to build not only better fencers, but more importantly better people. These high ideals of chivalry, honor, and integrity are a major focus not only in our adult classes but even more so in our children and youth classes where they are taught through object lessons and examples which directly apply to both fencing and to life.

Classical Fencing is a fun activity which is well suited to boys and girls of all ages, levels, abilities, and disabilities. In addition to being a fun and exciting activity, classical fencing is a "superb form of exercise, which builds endurance, strength, flexibility, and the capacity to relax under fire. It improves coordination, while benefiting both circulation, and respiration. Mentally it is as stimulating as chess, enhancing observational skills and the ability to think abstractly. Ultimately, fencing blends both mind and body into an effective whole. Fencing also develops self-confidence, self-control over one’s own reactive nature, and patience."*

Most people recognize that fencing is a great form of physical exercise. However, b
ecause of it's chess-like strategy fencing exercises the brain too. Students develop higher levels of alertness, concentration, and the ability to think strategically.

Many children and youth who do not enjoy team sports are discovering fencing as the perfect physical activity because its one-on-one nature is better suited to their personality and play preferences.

The Academy has a special Junior Fencing Program for
children ages 7 - 12. They learn the original Classical Foil progression which was taught in the 1800s at the French Fencing Academies. Along the way they earn colored sword belts to mark their progress. Students who complete the full curriculum earn their Junior Black Belt in Traditional Fencing. Weapons studied include: Classical French Fleuret, Classical French Sabre, Historical German Longsword, and Historical English Quarterstaff (remember Robin Hood and Little John fighting with staves over the creek).

he Academy also offers a special class during the day just for Homeschoolers who's parents have discovered that fencing is a great substitute for PE class.

The first Kid's Class is always FREE so that you and your child can make an informed decision about signing up for further lessons. If you have any questions or would like for your child to try out a class free of charge, please
contact us.

Rez Johnson, the Headmaster of the Mississippi Academy of Arms, has been teaching classical fencing to children and youth in Mississippi since 1980. He has taught fencing to over one thousand children through his weekly children's class and through eight annual Summer sports camps. He has also introduced fencing to several thousand children and youth through workshops, intro courses, and school demonstrations.

"We are quite fortunate to have such a qualified Classical Fencing instructor in the Jackson metropolitan area. I have been especially impressed with Rez’s patience with his students, and with his calm nature. He provides a wonderful example of honesty, courtesy, and respectfulness; and I hope that John, my son, will learn some of these qualities from him." S.W.
"Joining the Academy has perhaps been the best decision I have ever made. The training I receive there not only makes me a better fencer, but a better person altogether. I get to meet and work with the finest people and receive some of the best instruction anywhere. Mr. Rez, in addition to being a fine Christian, is a very kind and patient maestro. I have never had a dull or boring class, and I learn something new every time. Fencing is quite often the highlight of my week, but it's not just the training I look forward to (which by the way, is unbelievable exercise). It's the principles and values I learn there, and in turn apply to my everyday life. A bout or match is quite often won; on your honour, meaning we don't cheat or lie just to win. We also learn perseverance, because you don't become a fencing master overnight. You have to work at it, and have a true passion for what you do. The members of the Mississippi Academy of Arms have that passion." M.S.

* Quote from "The Art & Science of Fencing" by Nick Evangelista, a book we highly recommend to all fencing students and persons interested in learning more about Classical Fencing.





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